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What is a Series III Stage 1?

The Stage 1 was produced almost exclusively with the 109" wheelbase, but some 88" models were made to order. It is believed that as many as 29 88" Stage 1's were built, including one prototype, with 24 of these being shipped to Trinidad in 1982. Relatively few Stage 1 V8s were sold in the UK because of high fuel costs - diesel becoming a more popular choice. Stage 1 production ended in 1985, some two years after the introduction of the 110.


Land Rover Stage 1, 109" station wagon, 10 seats, 5 doors
Length 4580mm, width 1680mm, height 2000mm
Wheelbase 2770mm (109"), track 1330mm (front) 1330mm (rear), turning radius 7.15m, ground clearance 209mm
Weight 1809kg (unladen), GVM 2710kg, towing 500kg (unbraked)
Engine 3528cc, petrol, V8, twin Zenith Stromberg CDSE carbs, 2-valves/cylinder, ohv
Bore 88.9mm, stroke 71.12mm, compression ratio 8.13:1
Power restricted to 69kW (92bhp) at 3500rpm, torque 230Nm at 2000rpm
Transmission LT95, full-time 4WD, with centre vacuum operated diff-lock
Ratios 1st 4.069:1, 2nd 2.448:1, 3rd 1.505:1, 4th 1:1 (rev 3.664:1)
Transfer-case hi 1.336:1, lo 3.321:1,
diffs 3.54:1 Rover / Salisbury 8HA
Suspension (front) live-axle & leaf springs (back) live-axle & leaf springs, with drum brakes all round.
Tyres 7.50x16
fuel-tank 68litres (15 gallons imperial).

Also available as hard-top, pickup, high-capacity pickup, and cab/chassis.